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Our Robotic Class

IR-Robotics provided the robotic program by using ROBOTIS as our teaching tool and also teaching methodology as robotic class. The reason we using ROBOTIS because it suit the criteria we need such as critical thinking, problem solving skill, creativity and leadership that kids today need tomorrow. Our class divided into different stage that coalesce from pre-school to university. 


Benefit Of Learning STEM Education

Help Students To Become:

Better Problem Solver




Logical Thinking

Brain Focus:

Deductive Reasoning

 inductive reasoning


problem sensitivity

Our Robotics Program

IR-Robotics categorized the learning program into 3 main models

Robotis Pets - Model 1 for Beginner

Robotis Pets is the foundation level which is suitable for the children between age of 5 to 6 years old. This level provided a tool to assemble and dissemble, helping the children to improve their concentration and hand-on practical.


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Robotis Dream - Model 2 for Beginner & Intermediate

Robotis Dream consists of 4 levels. This model is suitable for students from age 7 up to 15 years old. This model is focusing on building and enhancing student's design capability, problem solving, critical thinking and the knowledge of science. Build a robot with algorithm for it to be able to identify and avoid obstacles as it moves.


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Robotis STEM - Model 3 for Advance Learner

Robotis STEM is a advance level in the IR-Robotics program. This model is geared for secondary school robotics curriculum. It introduces programming and other STEM concepts. The curriculum provides various learning points and challenges. Student will learn to innovate and ask question while strengthening and applying fine motor skills, programming skill and STEM principles.        


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